The Macklin Team with Sawgrass Realty of the Treasure Coast prides itself on client satisfaction. We work day in and day out to assist, help, educate and protect each and every client and potential client we come in contact with. For a client to take the time and recognize these efforts is a very special moment for us. We appreciate any and all comments and take them all to heart. Here are a few examples of people who went the extra mile to let us know how The Macklin Team made a moment in their lives:

Always available

Fantastic selling experience. A very knowledgeable, professional realtor with a personal touch. Always available to answer questions or complete request. From the start of the selling process to the close of the final sale, we were very satisfied. Highly recommend.
Pat and Rita R


We are forever grateful

Robert has worked with my husband and I for about the past 18 months. To say that he's drug us all over a good portion of Florida, at our requests, looking for the "perfect" home, is an understatement. We were very particular buyers so we had to look a long while before we found the right house for us. However, Robert never once complained about hauling us all over the place on our numerous trips to Florida. We live full time in Missouri and would take vacations in Florida and look for homes to buy while there. While back in Missouri, Robert kept us posted on available homes and if we had any specific questions about one, he'd always find the answer if he didn't know off hand. He was always professional and very cheerful. With all the time we spent with him in person, over the phone or through emails, he was always a hoot with a wonderful sense of humor. He and my husband cackled a lot, and I'd join in. He was actually fun to be around. We found our perfect home and Robert walked us through the whole process as we closed on it while back in Missouri. He even did the final walk through for us and he was the one to offer to do that for us. He DID go above and beyond for us, and for that we are forever grateful. He and his wife, Sue Anne, are top notch professionals but they both are very personable and extremely likable. We feel that we didn't only gain trust worthy real estate agents, but we gained new friends as well. I would highly recommend Robert or his wife Sue Anne, who is also an agent, for ALL your home buying needs. With their help, we now own our little piece-of-vacation paradise that's two blocks from the Atlantic Ocean. When my husband retires in the next 2 years, this will be where we flock to in the winter months in Missouri, my dream come true! So THANK YOU, ROBERT, for helping our dreams to become a reality. 
Lisa & Rick D


Great deal of knowledge

We listed our house with Sue Anne the 2nd week of October and had a firm contract the following week. She had a great deal of knowledge and was a pleasure to work with. Always kept us informed during the closing process. Highly recommend!!!
Pam and Jerry B


Assistance was invaluable

Robert's assistance was invaluable during the process of selecting a home to purchase. He provided me with regular updates on the properties on the market prior to my arrival in FL. Upon arrival in FL, he was promptly available for house tours of selected properties. I would highly recommend his services to anyone wishing to purchase a home in this area.
Michael C

Cutting Edge

Great professionals to work with and they stay on the cutting edge of technology.
Trey C

Trustworthy, honest, educated

The Macklin Team are the most trustworthy, honest, educated group in real estate! Their knowledge and experience shows thru every step of the transaction! Thank you for everything!!
Dawn P


Always friendly and efficient 

I was the loan originator providing financing for a mutual client with Robert and I must say, he was a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process. Always available anytime myself or my team had questions, always friendly, and efficient with any requests we had throughout the process. I highly recommend Robert to anyone looking to buy in the area!
Eric G

Went the extra mile

I highly recommend Robert for everything. He went the extra mile and kept us posted throughout the transaction, even when it was the weekend or the middle of his vacation. He was always friendly and available. I'm so glad we trusted him with my mother's condo purchase. If I buy a vacation house, I will definitely be calling him! Jacci R

Wonderful to work with

Sue Anne was wonderful to work with. She is honest and has a lot of integrity. She followed up with all clients that came through our home and gave us constant feedback. She was also extremely accommodating with us when we were out looking for a new home. We would highly recommend her! 
Ron & Janet W


Would highly recommend

This is my fourth house in my life time. Never meet any Real Estate Consultant as nice as Robert. He looks out for your interest. Keep on top of thing. Very informative, straight forward. Went on the extra mile for you when you need it with a smile. I would highly recommend him to all my family and friends and/or any one. 
Mai R

Listened to our wants

Sue Anne went to work right away to find us a new home. She listened to our wants and did everything she could to find just the right place. we are very happy with our new place, and our new friend. 
Joy and Larry B

Very trustworthy

It was beyond a pleasure working with Robert his dedication, professionalism, sincerity, and real estate expertise was impressive. My purchase was done long distance and I felt secure knowing that Robert was there taking care of every detail, big or small. A very trustworthy realtor. Thanks again Robert.
Jennifer M

A real go getter

Sue Anne is a real go getter! She was always available when I needed her and also had a lot of great advice and helpful phone numbers (handyman, insurance, movers...). I consider her a great agent and now a great friend.
Stacy W



Coordinated everything

It was such a pleasure to work with Robert. He did all the paper work, the hard work, coordinated everything. We just showed up to sign. Very professional and highly recommend.
John R

Very effective

In my search for a home in Florida, I contacted several realtors. But Sue Anne was the last and best. She allowed me to suggest listings but then added some others which in total gave me a comprehensive picture of the local market. When the time came to make a decision, she was very effective in getting me the deal and mortgage I wanted.
Rick M

Definitely recommend

Sue Anne was right on target! We knew where we were at all times and feel our best interest was her best interest! Would definitely recommend her!
Judi B

The best real estate broker

Sue Anne is the best real estate broker with whom we have worked. She communicated with us clearly and professionally about every aspect of our home purchase. Sue Anne is a very special person who will go the extra mile for her clients. We would highly recommend her as she will get the job done well and in a timely manner.
Robert and Shelly J

Wonderful, knowledgeable and cares

Sue Anne is wonderful, she is knowledgeable and makes sure her clients are taken care of through out the whole process of buying a home. She could always be reached and was very caring she does not just sell you a home and forget about you!
Rose P

Now that's going the extra mile

Sue Anne is great!!! Honestly, I was bidding on a house on auction, then thought maybe a realtor could give me more information on the house, I know I did things backwards. Somehow I contacted Sue Anne Macklin. Hoping she could give me some knowledge of the area, I told her what I was doing she, in turn, gave me lots of the info I needed. Sounds good, (remember she is not my agent and has no reason to help me) we said our goodbyes that was it. The next day I got the house. Then I checked my gmail Sue Anne sent a message trying to protect me from the auction stating possible dangers and check the house out more thoroughly etc. Too late. After seeing the email, I owed it to Sue Anne to call her let her know the property was going into escrow. Even though no business was to be gained, Sue Anne offered to go to the property and check it out for me. Now that's going the extra mile to be kind. I think the character of a person can be judged on how they help people who cannot help them. Sue Anne checked the property, on her off time for me, and gave me a full report of what needs fixing and how much it might cost. I dodged a bullet, next time I buy I will RUN to Sue Anne Macklin. If she treats a stranger like this what will she do for her client? SOLD!!!
Lori W

Very professional

I surfed the internet and just picked out a real estate agent and it happened to be Sue Anne, I told her what I was interested in and she took the bull by the horns and has been sending me via e-mail listings that are in my area of interest. Sue Anne is very professional and if something does come together thru her it is well deserved. I would recommend her very highly.
Spiker R

We could not be happier

Sue Anne did a great job for us finding and purchasing a condo. We could not be happier with the job she did.
Mike B


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