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Expert advice on new construction purchases

When scoping out newer developments hunting new construction, having the right agent at your side can be the difference between a good home buying experience and a frustrating one. We'll help you navigate the sea of new homes today to make an offer on the one that's made for you.

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In real estate negotiation is always an option

However, with new construction, it depends on the builder and the length of time that the home has been vacant. Developers in new additions like to keep prices near their asking point because homeowners already in the area expect new construction to be comparably priced to what they already purchased. (You'll appreciate that same courtesy if there are undeveloped lots near the home you eventually purchase!) But, depending on how far along the project is and the local market, developers have been known to allow a few concessions.

So how do you negotiate with a new home builder?

Say a home has been on the market a while and the builder is deeply invested, then you have some room. The same goes for show or model homes that have been sitting for a while. However, if a home was recently finished, it's unlikely you'll get a deal off of their asking price. Builders will often construct a "Spec Home" in their development in anticipation of a buyer needing a home sooner than what it would take to build one. If the Spec Home fits your needs and it has been sitting for a while this is where you can obtain your best deal on a new construction home.

Other ways to work deals with your builder

In situations where a builder won't budge, ask for assistance in other areas. Ask for help with the closing costs, or additional amenities, like appliance upgrades, a garage door opener, a fence or landscaping, or an extended home warranty. Or take the contrary route. If a home is nearing completion, you can often save money by passing on suggested upgrades from the builder and installing things yourself. Remember, you can always ask for something, the worst thing that will happen is the builder will say no.

What about a Home Warranty and a Home Inspection?

While you should always negotiate a home warranty so problems can be fixed, get a home inspection before your purchase regardless. Inevitable problems can be repaired (by the builder) before you move in and larger problems identified before it's too late. Since an inspection is relatively inexpensive, some new home buyers get an inspection after being in the home for 10 or 11 months - that way, the builder can make the repairs before a 1 year warranty expires.

Searching for a new construction home is now easy

If you are ready to search for new home builders, visualize and compare floorplans and also research pricing and availability then you are ready to click on the box below. The Macklin Team with Sawgrass Realty of the Treasure Coast is proud to present this new and ever updating search tool to bring you all the new home builder information to your fingertips in one easy to navigate site at no cost to our customers. Click now and begin your search. Remember we are just a call or email away to help you when you need or want our representation and experience on your side.

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